Blog and Computer Goodies

Two neato things:
For those of you who have not upgraded Firefox… once you do you find it has an automatic spell check. This is a boon for all my blog readers, my blog, and -because of all the comments I make online- other peoples blogs. It saves a world of typos. That means I have much less revising and republishing on my blogposts. The only thing I don’t like about Firefox is the way it swells memory use. Sometimes I have to shut it down so it will reset and allow my ( memory challenged-yes, NEED upgrade) computer to work.

The other thing is the sidebar news I added from Google. Visit the news bar wizard and make your own set of search terms. Right now I just have it set to “religion” “Christianity”. I didn’t have time to play around with it and that seemed good for now.

I don’t know what impact it has, but it is interesting for now.. the load time was decent. Maybe it is old stuff for my sophisticated readers:) But it was fun for me to discover today.

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