Bring Your Creativity To The Altar

When God invites us to creativity, he invites us to be available to him. Isn’t that a great kind of invitation? It is different from the demands we place on ourselves. We are invited to partake of his divine nature, to participate in his divine plan and to offer to him our spiritual sacrifices. We have been invited to use our imagination and our creativity, and the only gift we need to bring is our readiness.”

~ Alice Bass, author of The Creative Life

from Marlene Bagnull, author of Write His Answer:

“Although we are not all novelists, poets, or devotional writers, and few of us will ever write a bestseller, we do have the responsibility to use our own special gift to its fullest potential.”

“Our work as writers cannot be ruled by the ups and downs of our feelings. Beyond every mountain is another valley. Some days our writing efforts seem futile. Like the early settlers who walked beside their wagons all the way to the west coast, we may wonder if we’ll ever get there. But God encourages us to ’stand firm’ on legs that are often shaky and ‘mark out a straight, smooth path’ for our feet (Heb.12:12-13).

via Light for the Writer’s soul