Bruce Spruces Up and Delivers

Some things you’d rather not know:You May have a potty mouth

Some things you might want to think about: Does ANYONE preach the gospel any more?

Both from that Hungarian guy @ “The World According to Bruce“, who keeps improving his page and has a really lovely header pic. Brace yourself, Bruce…you guys up there in Toledo are predicted to have white-out conditions today….

He comes from a much more liberal view than I do, but I can see his points, and he gives me things to consider. That is what good liberals ought to do. Maybe he doesn’t consider himself liberal… Bruce makes points like “Most Americans live on the edge financially and it would not take much to knock us over the edge. Job loss. Sickness. Fire. Tornado. Hurricane. Flood. Death. Victim of crime.” but I wonder..isn’t this the frailty of the human condition? How far is anyone actually from that “falling off” point? I believe these things are important, good, to consider, and I agree that “How we treat the poor, the homeless, the widow, the orphan, the less fortunate in our society speaks volumes about the “reality” our Christianity” . What I also think is that we have relegated far too much of our “Christianity” to the government auspices. So what if the city legislates against homeless congregating in parks, etc? How does that limit our Christian charity?

In a way we two Hungarian heritage Americans represent the ways the conservative and the liberal differ. We both agree there is a problem…. but some of us don’t view government license and largess as the answer. The trouble is that there needs to be an answer… and that means good old personal sacrifice for us.

And there is where I think our American way of life is missing it. We are too much a people at ease, crying entertain me …feed me..FEED ME….. and I think Bruce is calling attention to that. He delivers a message we could hear… and then do something about; even if it is in somewhat a different way than he recommends ( which I somehow don’t think he would mind.

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  1. Thanks for kind words.

    Yes, we are getting hammered weather-wise today. Wind is straight out of the East/Northeast at 15-25mph, it is snowing, drifting, and temperatures are dropping. No global warming today. 🙂

    I just sent our 13 yr old out to put more bird seed on the ground (and scrape the snow away) The birds were all huddled near the trees where we put the seed……scratching through the snow looking for food. We are in charge of God’s welfare program for Birds 🙂

    I saw on Toledo news a day or so ago that Tony Packo is planning on opening a Hungarian Village in Toledo. Lots of us Hunkys in Toledo.

    Stay warm…….


  2. The issues are complex and, yet, simple. If we, as Christians, could see past our selfishness, then the simple answer is to live and love as Christians – not with the complexity involved with attempting to end poverty – but with the specific intent of helping those in need.

  3. Once again you put it so much better than I could… condensed to the core issue. After I wrote this post I was thinking: so often we concentrate on just such goals as eradicating poverty, while glossing over the fact that there are so many causes. Individual cases aren’t well dealt with when you try to produce a one size fits all kind of answer. It seems that governments and large organizations have to approach things that way- they have to follow guidelines and so often people don’t fit the guidelines.

    The biggest problem is the one Bruce posted in the second link: not only do we not preach the gospel…. we have often forsaken living it. A contributing factor is the ease with which we pass the responsibility to the “gubbament”.

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