Cerulean Sanctum » Monergism, Total Depravity, Creativity, and the Imago Dei

Cerulean Sanctum » Monergism, Total Depravity, Creativity, and the Imago Dei

I was thinking about the Imago Dei, the idea that Man is made in God’s image.

You may have noticed my preoccupation lately with ideas of the Trinity and the place of gender in the Christian life. One thing I haven’t brought into the discussion yet is this idea of man being made in God’s image. I have used an illustration of that, for years, in countering the Jehovah’s Witnesses that have come to my door. In fact, I worked it down to sort of a shorthand because I just don’t have the time or desire to go the whole route with JW’s. I just say: you believe this I believe this for this reason. It shortens the whole conversation measurably. And short circuits the time they have to work into a tantrum. Because, yes, that is what has happened on my front porch with JW’s . Mormons, and even Moonies were always more restrained. But a worked-up JW… is not a pretty sight, and I no longer have the patience for it. So if they seem like they are new, I might take more time with them… I digressed, didn’t I?

Anyway, Dan Edelen brought up some thoughts to think upon, and I intend to do that as I go about my day today.

I know exactly what he means about thinking upon the seat of the tractor. I do that on my own 4 acres of mowing. But of late, I have kids who like that job, and not others. I am relegated to sorting through the disorganization of my home, which takes my intense thinking process. Organization is alien to me.
Ok…go read there now:)

late to the party- you have to read

Cerulean Sanctum » Super Christian Homeschooling Ninja Moms of Death
Super Christian Homeschooling Ninja Moms of Death May 9, 2006

I intend to work some of that into some future posts.

I don’t understand what we’re doing to women today in the Church. The pressure to conform to a lifestyle that incorporates one part Beth Moore, one part Martha Stewart, one part Jessie Wise, and one part Salome astounds me. And don’t even toss in that proverbial woman from chapter 31 that every female is told she must aspire to. That’s a whole ‘nother post.

Is it any wonder that so many Christian homes are struggling? What woman wouldn’t struggle underneath that burden? And as I noted, as she goes, so goes the home.

Frankly, I’m angered at the expectations and the pressure to conform that many women endure.

oh yessss…. but I wouldn’t at all say things are more burdensome for women than men, the heavy burdens of modern life are hitting men, but in a different way.

I had no idea that this gender issue was going to be such a mother lode of discussion.

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