Changes- semi hiatus

For at least the next month I willl likely be sporadic in posting… and for a while there will be none. I have already put comments on moderation, so there is a big delay in seeing them on site. Sorry, but the spammers are merciless.

In July I will revamp my garden journal and begin posting in it again- I have let it totally languish this year. Truegrit will remain on the track it is presently on, although after I finish a review of Giles book and do some summary on the Church’s view of women, I will probably shift focus. Although, I don’t know, it is really much more than I had expected in terms of both the necessity to rethink some of my views and realizing the impact that these views have on our society, whether in direct or reverse ( reactionary) ways. But I will insert other themes and views simply for relief. One thing I wanted to try was more story-telling writing; taking anecdotes from my life, although I am not very good at that.

Just wanted you to know I will be in and out on the blogging.

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