Comments Not Working

I tried leaving a reply to Hoots, Eclexia tried to leave comments to me… and we all fall down. No wait, that is Ring Around The Rosie. yes, exactly. Anyway, I left a note on the server hosts forum, and I sure hope I get some sort of resolve on this. When I hate the internet and computers… this is exactly what I hate about it.

In some ways it is an analogy for freedom and all the systems of freedom. A few loose screws ruin things for everyone and make it very hard to make the system work as it should. Constant vigilance against the hackers of society, and finetuning the system so that innocent parties don’t get caught in the nets designed to punish the abusers and destroyers. Tedious and difficult work at times.

All told it means less time for enjoying the freedom, and quantifiably less freedom for all, generally.

I am working on the themes- to get them all in apple pie order ( now I’m hungry!). So use the theme switcher at the top right corner to make the site come up in your preferred style. Iconis-Triple is presently the default. Squible will bring up posts with no video or images on the main page. Unnamed is in process of becoming customized, but works pretty well.

Hopefully comments will again work soon.

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