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Trying to get a balance on blogging, computer tasks, housework, homeschool, gardening, church, family needs, and the rest of a very long list of musts just doesn’t compute into neat little compartments of work bytes. Just online, alone, are the many decisions and learning curves involved in learning just what twittering, facebook(ing?), and all those other things are about. So far, I find facebook the easiest of the networking communities. For one thing it has a nice clean look- no fooling around with ungainly -not to mention ugly- design tweaking like myspace. I just do not see attractive myspace webpages. maybe I look at all the wrong ones? It seems useful mainly for bands, etc. Twittering only half works for someone like me. It is still in the phase where I think it has potential I haven’t understood quite yet.

At the moment I am in the process of using an app that works with it called “twitterfeed” which I noticed Rodney has used successfully. It basically links to blog posts via the feed. That man always seems ahead of the curve and uses these innovations in a way that I wish I could! I also have seen an excellent use of it in confining it to twitterings of a specific topic,ie gardening. Indygardener and Kathy Purdy use it that way. When posted on the sidebar of their blog it makes a neat little sideblog.

So much is turning the gears inside my little head… I will be hand wringing soon enough on one of the coming posts. Just trying to make sense of a seeming mess of things to try to decipher right now. Do you ever find yourself wishing “Just let me catch my breath” ? That is where I am right now.

Still need to work on the look of this blog. Still need to post here and @ Intellectuelle.
Oh well, let’s not start that list!

PS. Please forgive the sloppy, typo-ridden posts- they are artefacts of trying to catch up a bit too quickly.

4 thoughts on “Compute That!”

  1. Ah, yes… the reality of the ugliness of MySpace. I have yet to find a page that is not garishly imposing. I agree on the cleanness of Facebook, although I’m having a difficult time figuring out why I need to let every one of my “friends” know the fact that “i’m chillin” or “im sad” or “lol” or “yay its friday! off to the mall” or etc.

  2. it’s the “have a nice day” of the internet, I guess. It is probably our age that finds little satisfaction in recording the minutiae of our daily lives, so I find that while I gave some apps a try – many are ending up on the cutting floor as I tailor it for myself. But myspace is just not designed to be anything but visually bulky.

    I still inwardly wince at all the little emoticons I am forced to use on the internet- but it seems highly necessary to give the nuance we need for civil communication.

  3. Perhaps one of the reasons why we need to use emoticons is because we, generally, don’t take the time to write in a clear, concise manner? In the days of handwritten letters, sometimes expecting weeks or months between interchange (sometimes expecting the likelihood of no response), would not the method of operation be to clearly explain oneself?

    E-mail, and now texting, while making quick interchange possible, has also made us very sloppy.

  4. To your question: I don’t think so. When first on the internet forums I took time to write long answers in the discussion- carefully truly to explain, etc. I consistently ran into emotional confusion giving offense where none was intended until I adopted the little smileys.

    I think your observation “quick interchange” is the explanation- the letter writing of old, which I used to engage in often and received very positive feedback, did not ruffle feathers the way the immediate exchange of the internet will do. Plus the fact that you usually write opinions to ppl of like mind, or at least open to discuss the topic. Online we find ourselves at times in herds of ppl who are only interested in their own variety of view- if we differ then the sparks can fly!

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