Confession: I’ve Always Been A Little Stupid

It is true. And now that I am at the last few chapters of life, I am purposely so.

Let me explain.

I’ve always been a little stupid about people, about their motivations and intentions, and I tend to trust people. So as life went along with the hard knocks that such trust invites, I developed an overall policy of general caution, a tendency to say “no” “hands off”, to protect from the inevitable exploitation that such trust will be vulnerable to… but I kept that openness which gives people the benefit of the doubt. Even when it gets taken advantage of.

I share myself in ways that makes me look stupid. I know that, but I purposely do it anyway. I refuse to harden that part of me, no matter what others want to think of it. Because I chose to be that person, and refuse to allow that part to get trampled into oblivion.

You have to do that if you are not to lose yourself. I think that this is part of what God does with us: help us to not lose ourselves, and if we do lose ourselves to find our true selves in him.

If I want to love someone who has plainly rejected me- that is my business. If it makes me stupid, so be it.

I embrace my stupidity because it is my way of embracing others despite their faults.

It might not be the smartest way to go about this…but as I started out this confession: I’ve always been a little stupid; that way.

2 thoughts on “Confession: I’ve Always Been A Little Stupid”

  1. grateful you came to the blog read + leave a reply.

    I think people get confused about the idea of self. Losing our “life”, that which we make for ourselves, and that which is self preservation, is to be given up for something better… but the core self that God created and wants to preserve for us… that is what we should praise God for: ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

    And seek to retain.

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