Continuing (Is Islam Fascism?)

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“This is exactly what I want to see happen to Islam: what the world needs are more Moslem Methodists.”

This will never happen. Not on the basis that Big Lizard is hoping anyway.

The Christian Church changed for very different reasons than any that are remotely possible for Islam. The thinking in these theories is based on this whole wrong view of Christianity as an “evolved” religion.

It did not evolve and can’t -not in the sense that these pundits are counting on. But secularists have their own view of what constitutes religion and what manipulates it. What does this mean? Only that there are sad awakenings…

Although a bit of hardheaded study and discussion could probably help.


People are notoriously given to stick with their own favored view.

In pursuing the topic I came across this statement on defining fascism:
Definition of Fascism

“Fascism is a government structure. The most notable characteristic of a fascist country is the separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population based upon superficial qualities or belief systems.

Simply stated, a fascist government always has one class of citizens that is considered superior (good) to another (bad) based upon race, creed or origin. It is possible to be both a republic and a fascist state. The preferred class lives in a republic while the oppressed class lives in a fascist state.”

In everything that I looked at I have become more convinced that Islamic religion can only produce fascism by its very nature. Whether moderated or extreme.

That is a strong statement, but given that you will not find any form of Islam that will not oppress women, or persecute Jews or Christians…. and this is why those who force Islam through jihad are Islamofacists. That is probably the most accurate name, and the fact that it holds strong reactions on the part of the hearers? Perhaps that is more a problem with those who wish to downplay the actual nature of that being defined.

There are some things we simply don’t wish to face.