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Eight things

Gary Petersen fo Country Keepers tagged me with a meme to tell you eight things you don’t know about me. Hmmm, haven’t I written it all down somewhere in one of my blogs? 😉 But here goes:

1) I eloped to Arizona to marry the guy that thirty-four years later I am still hitched to. ( Read that however you like). We giggled during the civil ceremony and the justice of the peace didn’t like that any. Gave us a short lecture in between the taking of vows.

2) I almost died in the last birth due to the fact that I was quite a bit older and the uterus had a hard time clamping down. But here I am- and that is no reason to fear homebirth- most women don’t have as many births as I have had and weakness due to the many hospital births I had. Now there is more info than anyone ever wanted.

3) I didn’t get my drivers license until after I was married- always walked or biked to where I had to go ( with occasional public transportation)

4) I got sent to the coatroom constantly in my first grade year- never knew just why. I also had a hard time learning to read, but made up for that later.

5) Got caught for truancy in my Senior year of high school. Not so much a bad girl as an overwhelmed girl. I paid dearly with grounding and detentions for months.

6) Was part of the Moratorium Movement in that same year.

7) I have a hot tub and feel guilty about the luxury of that.

8) I used to take beledi dance lessons ( um bellydance….)

Ok tag time.
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Louis Gray

6 thoughts on “Country Keeper Diversion”

  1. Belly dancing huh? I remember you mentioning that before but it still caught me off guard. That and the truancy. For shame Ilona… 😉

    And don’t feel guilty about that hot tub. Just enjoy it!

  2. Yeah, I seem to remember the belly dancing being mentioned before. Do you have any old movies or video you can upload to YouTube?

  3. … I am sure I did include that in a similar type of meme. See, that just shows how loyal you guys are to keep reading here.

    I think there may have been videos but the dance studio was pretty particular about copyright and I don’t own any. I danced for fun and hated the performance part, which is one reason I stopped . Too bad though, It is a fun way to exercise. Hmmmm, maybe I should have put in the factoid that one of the dance members had a belly dance wedding and our troop performed in it. That was different.

    The hot tub is *the* best thing to deal with arthritis pain. It melts away…

    The truancy really wasn’t the worst of it, just one of the most painful events of the time. And my cousins still thought I was a “goody-two-shoes”.

  4. ilona, you’re not being ignored… I swear. I just found this tonight, and it’s already past 2. I will respond.

  5. Relax, Louis… when you get to it I’ll enjoy reading more about you:)

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