Crimes Against Women

In the depressing article,The Death of Sweden | The Brussels Journal, I find this sordid state of affairs:

In an article from June 2007 with the title “Summertime — rape time,” Aftonbladet, the largest daily in Scandinavia, linked the spike in rapes during the summer to the warm weather. The official number of rape charges in Sweden has more than quadrupled during one generation, even more for girls under the age of 15. If this is due to the warm weather, I suppose the Scandinavian rape wave is caused by global warming? The fact that many of the suspects have a Muslim background, which is also proven by statistics from neighboring Norway, is purely coincidental, no doubt. The number of rapes in the Norwegian capital Oslo is now six times as high per capita as in New York.

It isn’t as if I hadn’t heard rumblings of this, and hadn’t taken note of such high profile cases as those in Australia, but as this essay makes clear the propaganda and agenda of the Left is making it open season to commit crimes on women. This is an anti-woman state which is rampant in Islamic countries and is being exported to reputedly civil countries such as Sweden. No one wants to talk about the truth of what is promoted against women under Islamic culture on the very basis that Swedes are shut up: don’t have an appearance of “Islamophobia” . Be afraid…be very afraid of name calling.

This situation is a shame.

Most of us who are bona fide Christians don’t want to talk about. We don’t want to appear “intolerant, unloving”. We’d rather turn a blind eye and accept the mea culpa and whips for any attempt to “spread our culture”, being insensitive enough to evangelize. Those brave/foolhardy enough to go into other countries as aid workers or missionaries do so under threat to their lives…but those of us in the comfort of our free countries? In all our “missional” talk I don’t hear of concerted efforts to the Muslim populations.

Maybe we have to wait until we see outright persecution of Christians here. Maybe then we will take the gospel mandate seriously.


Until then, we read the anxious cries of lone voices on the wind such as this. If we believe that Christian truth was at the heart of all that is good about our country, if as Christians we say we want the values that we were taught in our homes and communities of times past… then why won’t we continue to speak it and teach it? If we believe women and children are to be valued and protected from crimes against their person, shouldn’t we do all we can to promote their welfare, especially through the value system that is purveyed in our culture? This is where the cracks originate… the Muslim criminals simply found themselves within the cultural sanctuary with the guardians all gone elsewhere- and they are taking advantage of it in situations such as are reported in this dirge, “The Death of Sweden“.

All because of fear…fear of not seeming right and being liked… in a topsy turvey world where evil is called good and good evil… if such terms are even countenanced.

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  1. Ilona while I deplore the rise in the number of rapes in Sweden, I don’t think the article you quoted from was very helpful at all. It is scary if and when the extreme leftists align themselves with the extreme Islamists (and others) but I’m not sure that this report gives a really accurate picture of what is going on in the Nordic countries.

    What is clear however is that each of these countries need our prayer – for the leaders to make and enforce healthy rules and to protect the most vulnerable in society.

    Racism is evil – but other -isms are equally horrific and are all based on pride and seeing oneself as better than another.

    One prayer that I find myself praying for Finland and for the other Nordic countries is that the cross on the flag will mean that the banner of Jesus Christ, Redeemer, will once more be raised over the lands and there would be a return to justice and love of self and neighbour.

    thanks for making me think today. I pray too that the sexual abuse and rape would be vanquished in the same of Jesus, whatever the weather !

  2. I think you are having trouble with the connection made between the rising number of rapes and the identity of many of the perpetrators. I understand your reluctance to draw that line, but our revulsion of making judgments on the outcomes of specific religions does not erase those lines.

    I knew this was a difficult situation to highlight, but one reason I did is that we are seeing just such an alignment : “It is scary if and when the extreme leftists align themselves with the extreme Islamists” on more than one problem front in the world.

    It needs to be seen what this is doing to the Nordic countries- long held to be the height of modern civilization. And I think the next question to your hope,”there would be a return to justice and love of self and neighbour” is what will it take to accomplish this?

    Ultimately, it must be seen that this is a spiritual battle, but we must put works behind our faith. Here is where this report puts me: what steps should be taken to establish justice and love of self and neighbor? For too long we have coasted on the remnants of Christian mores in the culture, and now they are all but destroyed. If within the people there is no impetus to act with this same love, then what are you left with? You are left with the order kept from the law.

    If victims are ignored by the law based on maintaining an illusion that mankind will somehow “just act good: when patently they will not… we have the grossest of injustices aided and abetted by the same.

    This is what is happening in Sweden, based upon the veracity of this report and this is also happening in other Western countries. You see, Islam has no social niceties about its view of Jews and Western Christians. It does not morally balk at murder and rape of the same. Yet, we are all blinking and winking and saying- well we are all the same.

    Yes, we are all depraved, completely morally depraved except for the redeeming power of the cross. You can wish for it to do its work in our societies, but without vigorous means to apply its truth to the souls of men, all such wishes are an exercise in futility.

    God does not work by our wishful thinking, but He does work by our faith in Him… that follows Him in being willing to sacrifice our reputations, our illusions of ourselves, our favored opinions -all- at His cross. We need to shore up the orderly law to deal with the trespassers and work justice in the earth, we need to be unfailing in our efforts to live and share Christ with the nations. We cannot hesitate on either front in the face of purported “racism” or prejudice. We judge that accusation rightly.

    And while I think you said it lightly and without any malice intended … I think you should look once again at that last parting statement: “whatever the weather “. I don’t think you mean that in the dismissive way it sounds. The rise in rapes has nothing to do with the weather, it has everything to do with the breakdown of a society, in protection and care of its women.

  3. The rise in rapes has nothing to do with the weather,

    not quite true. There are far few rapes if the weather is below -20C

    people bundle up against the cold and women in particular dress far less provocatively

    “it has everything to do with the breakdown of a society, in protection and care of its women.”

    again I’m not sure I agree. In the Nordic countries (Sweden in particular) women enjoy the highest level of equality – more equal pay – status etc. Most women work and are not stay at homes etc.

    That has to be taken into the equation too.

    In countries were women are kept at home – rape outside of the home – is far less likely.

    I’d like to see some real figures on this.

    Are muslim men attacking Swedish women? What ratio?

    What about muslim women? are they being attacked too?

    How is the reporting being done (most rapes are STILL deplorably unreported because of the shame involved).

    I’m sure the article has some basis for its writing but at this point I remain unconvinced.

    Today most people in Finland consider it safe to walk at night (not only in the summer when the nights are lighter) and how much does that contribute to the actual incidence of rape?

    It is ‘easier’ to report rape in the Nordic countries than in the US?

    You see I find it really really hard to believe that the real figures are higher here – but maybe it’s just that I don’t want to believe it.

  4. You have raised a number of myths in your comment.
    1) that women are raped because they dress “provocatively”
    2) the women who are staying at home are less likely to be raped ( or in burqa and driven places by males, etc).

    Both those place the onus on the victims “they asked for it” “they weren’t careful enough”. In the instances cited, this was not the problem. These were Western/non-Muslim women targeted by Muslim men- sometimes groups of Muslim men.

    Additionally, it is not easier to report rape in Nordic countries. Unfortunately we’ve long had a problem with this crime against women and thus refined much of the process on reporting. This doesn’t lessen the fact that much goes unreported due to trauma and shame. What we do have here is some research into the motivations for rape. That is why victimizing the victim additionally with variations of the “asking for it” accusation is seen largely as a myth. One that is very persistent.

    The point made is the statistic rise in numbers of rapes in Sweden and the correlation between the fact that numbers of perpetrators are identified as Muslims. And further, that there is a shaming hushup on the part of of officials when this correlation is raised.

    It is not difficult to see why. People often think that minimizing the facts will keep the lid on inflammatory triggering of already volatile segments of society friction. There are times such silencing and appeasement contributes to a problem. I think this is the case for this.

    I think Westerners adopt the Muslims own patronizing attitude of not expecting better behavior of its male population, instead of instituting its own philosophy of law in a free society: personal responsibility within a law abiding group of citizens.

    Instead adopting a culture of excuses for sin.

    Which, by the way, occurs to me to explain the seemingly contradictory fellowship between the Islamists and the Left.

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