Depending Upon The Kindness Of Strangers

Our existence here is inter-related to others in so many more ways than we are aware of, many times because we move on through life so quickly we don’t take time to notice. That is what the exercise of “counting blessings” or being grateful helps to bring into our conscious thoughts.

Today I was sifting through some commentary on the Bible, seeking to get a better understanding on some things than I would have on my own efforts and it struck me. How dependent I am on the study of others: their scholarship, their time given to write, their brains and experience sharing a view of the world or of concepts. I am daily enriched by this! I pick knowledge from my neighbor’s trees all the time, and don’t even know them personally, but it satisfies my thirst to know more. If left only to my own devices on this I would often go hungry, and remain unable to parse out the depth of meaning I am looking for in some matters.

And so today I found myself thankful to the many strangers who share their knowledge and expertise, who make the gears of life to move more freely with the oil of this flow of able gifts.

2 thoughts on “Depending Upon The Kindness Of Strangers”

  1. Exactly. I don’t know how we would manage otherwise, to be truthful; and this is what struck me.

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