Energy – More Than One Way To Skin a Cat

I know PETA people will hate me now… but it is just a colloquialism.

To the point: Benjamin Vogt of The Deep Middle posted some info from Jim Cramer that I had missed seeing although I am always scanning the financial news for views on energy, alternative energy, and guidance on what we can do to actively promote independence from foreign oil and cultivate a better environment.

About T. Boone Pickens he says:

While much of what he has been saying is that wind power can be substituted for a lot of other power sources, the fundament of his plan is to get autos to be using natural gas. Put aside his interests — believe me, he cares about them, but only so far as he has been the investor in alternative energy for years and thinks it can be profitable — Pickens’ true motivation is that the technology for what he wants to have happen is occurring right now.

The main point being that the situation of natural gas reserves and technology has changed.

I have long come to the conclusion that our answers are based within many alternative, not just one. We used to have lots of Yankee “can-do” attitude in this country- I believe it is still there and we can get the jump on some of these problems created by foreign oil dependence if we just will.

Read the whole article of Cramers that is posted @ Benjamin’s blog… getting educated about these things is the lion’s share of the battle.