Ex-Christians are just itching

I have a few nails with which to scratch that itch, but I am not going to spend large amounts of time at it right now-see below for what I am willing to do. I am “The True Grit Lady” cited in one of their posts.

They have threads wondering why Christian don’t ( I was going to say “troll”…but we don’t do that, do we?) visit their forums and try to win them over to our side of things… or win them back, maybe. Actually I wondered the same thing, but then I also know the answer to that.

My original thread had more to do with preventing the disillusioned and disheartened and spending time talking with those who wish to talk things out concerning their experiences or their real disagreements,etc.

Well, welcome to anyone who ventures here from Ex-Christian.Net. I’ll tell you what, since I don’t have lots of time for forums ( which is why I blog rather than debate on forums) I offer this: if you have topics or contentions- write them in short form or post the thread from your forum in my comments, and now that I am registered on your place I will attempt to answer you here in a post or there in your threads. I think discussion is good thing.

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  1. You’re right, discussion is a good thing.

    I gave my life & heart to Jesus when I was 21 and for many years was very involved in a Baptist church. I felt I had a personal relationship with God, I studied the bible and spent time in prayer. Our church taught that many demoniations of christianity were “cults” – Mormonism, JW’s, Christian Scientists etc. Other religions – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc were just plain WRONG. Spiritualism, mystics psychics, astrology was of the devil.
    But when I tried to evaluate exactly WHAT made our beliefs right and theirs all wrong it started to unravel.
    I was already atheist regarding Zeus and Jove and Neptune and Thor, I mean those gods are just fairy tales……

    And then I realised.

    It’s all fairy tales.

  2. See, to a large extent, you are almost as atheist as I. You don’t believe in Allah either. Or Ganesh. You don’t believe in Shiva do you? You don’t believe in Odin do you? I simply go one further. I no longer believe in Jehovah.

    best regards


  3. No, Stew, I am not atheist…I am monotheist. Believing in one God I am still in the theist category.

    It is life stories like yours that really interest me. I take people and myself ona WYSISWYG basis, so I don’t discount anything you say about feeling you had a very personal relationship with God. What I tend to be looking for is the rest of the story as they say. There is more going on in your alienation. I don’t know that knowing what that is would make a difference with you…but it could make a difference with those I have personal contact with, or even just my own children.

    From where I am at on this, Jesus is so real within my own personal experience fo Him that I don’t understand where one gets to actually seeing Him as myth… I understand better the issues of disillusionment and drifting away. But that is just because of my own subjective view.

    I think if we talked further, what I would find with you is a serious disconnect between your present convictions and your ongoing human need for meaningfulness. I think this will give you trouble somehwere along the line. I predict you will move toward some form of theism at some point. Paganism, unless you rediscovered Christ, would be the most likely direction I would guess from what you have shared here.

    People need meaning and connection, that part doesn’t disappear. There is where atheism breaks down for a person.

  4. It’s an old chestnut Ilona. “Life is pointless for an atheist” People do need a meaning and purpose to their life, and there is plenty of purpose around without bringing a need for god into the equation. I have my family and my love for them. I have my children and their future and their needs. I have my job. I have my garden. I have my own development as a person, to try and improve myself. All of these things, and many more, give my life purpose.
    And, I no longer have to waste precious time talking to invisible friends!

  5. No, Stew, I am not atheist…I am monotheist. Believing in one God I am still in the theist category.

    but you are atheist regarding Zeus? You don’t believe he exists as a god do you? And you don’t believe in Allah either.

    Why don’t you believe in other gods?

    The reason/s you don’t believe in other gods are the reasons I no longer believe in the Christian god. (or gods, because Christianity has at least 3 gods and gives Satan enough power to rank in the pantheon too)

  6. reminder: prefix a means none and prefix mono means one- which necessarily excludes others. Just because I am not married to Dick and Jerry doesn’t mean I am not married.

    I don’t think you understand Christianity well or you wouldn’t fall into the old chestnut “3 gods” argument.

    I don’t believe in others, because when I was your age I searched among the beliefs and philosophophies and then at a point met up with Christ Himself. He had a marvelous and lasting way of settling the issue for me. You can read my online testimony. It could explain things about me to you on this matter.

    By the by…do you know whereby Satan receives what power he has in the earth? And why he has the name “Satan”?
    At some point you will need to deal with the problem of evil.

    I would never say ““Life is pointless for an atheist””. I said you have a basic problem with explaining meaningfulness. You simply explained the common humanity and ability to experience pleasure that we all have- not its meaningfulness.

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