Fights, Bites, and Slights

At Center of a Clash, Rowdy Children in Coffee Shops

“I love people who don’t have children who tell you how to parent,” said Alison Miller, 35, a psychologist, corporate coach and mother of two. “I’d love for him to be responsible for three children for the next year and see if he can control the volume of their voices every minute of the day.”

Mr. McCauley, 44, said the protesting parents were “former cheerleaders and beauty queens” who “have a very strong sense of entitlement.” In an open letter he handed out at the bakery, he warned of an “epidemic” of antisocial behavior.

“Part of parenting skills is teaching kids they behave differently in a restaurant than they do on the playground,” Mr. McCauley said in an interview. “If you send out positive energy, positive energy returns to you. If you send out energy that says I’m the only one that matters, it’s going to be a pretty chaotic world.”

You don’t like whining with your dining? Well, too bad, say the ‘new’ Mothers.

I’ve had ten kids and been through it all on the babies with restaurant scene. So my unsatisfactory comment on this is they both have a point. What’s new is that I think mothers are less equipped with parenting skills and more reliant on abstract ideas from experts and the culture and its constructed business and entertainment world is more punishing of moms with children, and their children.

This has been escalating for sometime.

The unsaid request: ” raise children to be seen and not heard” – was once considered an old fashioned virtue in a time when corporal punishment was the norm.

But that isn’t going to get spoken nowadays, and despite the best euphemistic messages with happy hands printed all over it, the mothers are more astute at deciphering hidden messages than the manager bargained for…..

This little news item just hold so much rich cultural information. Gay Artsy neighborhood in transition to Messy Mommy one? Who knew? Urban blight in the making, with children’s fingerprints the new graffitti.

“An online petition urging child-free sections “.

Oh, now that’s a good one: free us from the tyranny of children; ban them if you can’t abort them.

“”Whenever a hostess asks me ‘smoking or non-smoking?’ I respond, ‘No kids!’ “”
yeh. Cause we know how damaging to your health and wellbeing the FUTURE OF OUR NATION is.

But if children often misbehave in public, part of the problem is a lack of exposure. You’re going ballistic on me with this one, aren’t you? But the best way to train children how to behave properly in public is to take them there and give them the training. Training is a messy procedure…. because not all children are fast track learners and compliant. The disapproving stares that moms have to endure don’t help.

But what can you expect from a culture who warehouses their children? This has so much that can be said about why the schools can’t control their situations to why whole generations grow up with all the verve and motivation just stripped out of them, and the smug self-satisfied feminists who disdain the Messy Mommy. Clean those women up and put in them in a real job where they belong…. house those kids in places where they don’t need to be seen or heard until we can bus them to war protests.

And we are gloating over the culture difficulties of France? We’ve got plenty of brew right here in the good ol’ USA.

Social breakdown comes in many flavors, not just religious and economic.