For Any “Christian Muslims” Out There

You might want to read Gail’s post on”The Fate of Christians in Gaza”. I had read some surmising in The Jerusalem Post that Christians may have cast their votes with Hamas.

Many voters who went to the ballot boxes in January 2006 wanted to punish Abbas and his Fatah faction for having failed to improve their living conditions on all fronts.

That’s why they voted for Hamas. Even some Christians are said to have cast their ballots for Hamas. The name of the game back then was: Let’s punish these Fatah thieves and thugs who have been stealing our money and terrorizing us for so many years.

This is where such opportunistic appeasing gets them. It reminds me of the case of the Hungarians throwing in their lot with Hitler in an attempt to turn around the Trianon debacle.

Lesson: never side with evil, no matter how bad the better guys look. Evil is as evil does.

The Rubicon also has a link to “Christians Must Accept Islamic Rule” – Aaron Klein (World Net Daily/Ynet News) that should interest those opposed to illusions about the syncretism of Islam and Christianity.

C’mon…wake up!