Forced Hiatus

My computer is failing with serious error somewhere in the hardware. I won’t be blogging or otherwise online until I back up my 8gig system. I expect it to be about a weeks worth of work, and then I have to decide what to do about the computer.

This comes unfortunately close to the hosts shutdown and recovery, but that is the way it goes.

…and no, this isn’t an April Fools Day prank. Except on me, I guess.

the computer crashes so much I had to put it in safe mode to use the backup software for the Western Digital “My Book” external hard drive. This part wasn’t supposed to be as hard as it’s been. First I tried to backup the entire drive, which is eighty, not eight, gig. It was slow on the usb connection… and hung up after about seven hours. No backup. I just sat there saying “oh nooh nooh ohno”. Like that helped. Then I broke it down into smaller backup bites- about six gig at a time. I am not very far into the process

Right now I am using my laptap -which had problems previously, but at least it is working. I can blog this week on it if I need to, which it appears to be the case. I blog alot less using the laptop because it doesn’t have all my files and programs plus it acts up sometimes.

So… on this Good Friday …. I am thinking how out of sync the concerns of my existence tend to be with the eternal. There is a chasm between me, today, and Easter Sunday. But I think that partially because Easter as I was raised to celebrate it, and Easter as it is spiritually is like night and day. The clamor of the world is in the fussing of the holiday Easter Parade of new hats, white shoes and Easter candy. It is so far away from the resurrection of Christ. The Good Friday was actually a day of great disappointment and suffering, not consisting of the ingredients of self indulgence or socially impressing image. Certainly not centered around whether the technological tools are working as they ought.

But this is where I find myself this Good Friday, as snowflakes fall lazily outside my window.

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