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She Lives: She Repents

Confession for a Theoblogian

I Repent
of pretending to know more than I do,
of speaking without listening,
of correcting without caring,
of passing judgment without understanding,
of talking at people instead of with people,
of using words that hurt and do not heal,
of writing without grace, charity, love and kindness,
of writing with arrogance and pride,
of being more critical than redemptive,
of presuming my words are more valuable than others’,
of uncovering problems without pointing to solutions,
of being more zealous for a system than for a Savior,
for I am a man with an unclean blog, and I write among a people of unclean blogs.

2 thoughts on “Found This, Liked It”

  1. Deja vu!

    Thanks for stopping by She Lives.

    Glad I stopped by here. I may have to do so again very soon.

    Linking you while I’m at it.

  2. All is very appreciated. You have started a fine blog- I look forward to your upcoming posts, too:)

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