Fumbling behind the blogging curtain

I’m sorry for the multiples of posts- my connection is resetting all the time and my computer, provider, and Firefox, all seem buggy all at once. I’m not the most tech savvy blogger on the block , but I usually don’t have as much trouble as this!

I can’t even imagine what it does to feeds… but oh well. I’m trying to figure out how to outwit the problems of posting, which seems to be mainly with my wordpress platform.

The good news is that though late to the party I’ve been snooping around with digg and stumbleupon to see how those things work – even though I’ve had the stumble toolbar for more than a year I think and have looked at the digg site more than a few times.

That reminds me… thinking of how old church ladies like me are invading the internet niches once reserved for the young and hip… ahem, anyway they are calling a jump the shark on myspace and saying that facebook is the new “in” destination for networking and all that good stuff. ( You know *they*- the buzz people).

Rodney is way ahead of the game because I know he is in the facebook community. Goodness, he “twitters”, too.

Ok, there is something I don’t get… what is the draw in “twitter”? Anyone want to inform me?