God’s Glory in an Irish Bog

Yesterday’s news about the archeological find of Psalm manuscript fasinated many.IsrealInsider, Stan Goodenough wrote a piece on it relating it to today’s events. One of the better things I’ve read lately, btw.

As I read the article I couldn’t help but think about how God spoke of His Glory filling the earth. Now, in this little thing, we could see that in several ways. The timing is impeccable. And that is one aspect of the Lord I am beginning to appreciate- His timing. An obscure historical find becomes news that travels around the world- news of interest not only to the Irish, the Catholics, but to Christians everywhere…. to the Jews in Israel, to interested historians in many countries… that little news item proclaims God’s Word to the nations through Psalm 83.

This just amazes me. We spend millions upon millions for our Christian broadcasts to try to accomplish this, we print pamphlets that people throw away as often as not, and God? In one fell swoop, he uses a humble Irish construction worker, who isn’t even named, to flash a message across the world. And people everywhere pay fascinated interest.

God astounds me.

And I think of how easy He makes things in His way, as opposed to how much effort and ineffectualness of our way….. and I’m telling you it just puts my hand over my mouth for a minute. And I understand why the Psalmist sprinkled the psalms with, “Selah”.

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