Good News for a Cold Night

They found that father and his children that were lost in the snow in those California mountains. What a heartwarming story, just in time for Christmas reflections. Sometimes I wonder at such circumstances… things that happen which reach out far beyond the little circle of ones usual lives. The story of Frederick Dominguez and his sons, and their rescue is going to remain in my memory for not just the good news of their recovery, but the illustrations it holds. Hope, Salvation, Perseverance, a Father’s love and strength… rescuers out on their last mission.

“Our hearts are all full right now,” said Cory Stahl, who closed his pest control business so his employees could help look for Dominguez , an employee. “It’s a very merry Christmas now.”

That is what Christmas is about, isn’t it? That is what gives this time of year all its beauty in our hearts and minds: the effect of the happy ending. Jesus Christ came so that we may all have a happy ending, eternally.

It could have ended very different for the Dominguez family. It could have been a tragic tale, like so many reported throughout the year. But it wasn’t, and it was their faith and the grace of God that lifts us all up in rejoicing that for this family there was a happy ending.

“I’m surprised how good they are,” he said. “There’s a miracle from God in there somewhere”, treating physician Kurt Bower said.