Have you heard the one about the Jews?

Have you heard the one about the Jews? – Comment – Times Online:
Stand-up comedy is as good a prism as any through which to look at the changing attitudes in our society. If my past few days are anything to go by then it is becoming increasingly acceptable to hate the Jews. Again.

what is going on in Edinburgh now is no satire. For me, Hughes [left-leaning angry Australian conspiracy theorist, Steve Hughes] represents a growing trend among left-thinking people in this country and around the world to accept as dogma that those on the Left should hate Bush, Blair, American imperialism, Israel and, while we’re at it, the Jews. It is a cultural trend that I’ve found increasingly evident but never before has the Jew-hating element been so overt. This week has confirmed that my Jewish paranoia is not entirely unfounded. As the old saying goes: “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”

Hughes wasn’t one for the odd remark or the clever comment; he waxed lyrical on how Osama bin Laden is far less of a threat than Dick Cheney, before defending Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, saying he has no intention of destroying Israel, he has just been misquoted.

There is a storm brewing with the rise of Anti-Semitism becoming more bold and obvious with each year. It seems that th eLeft who once prided themselves on tolerance and compassion for the persecuted and disenfranchised have turned everything around in their rationalized promotion of Muslim terrorists. It somehow makes persecution of Jews Ok. If not yet, that is where it is headed, make no mistake.

We like the idea of free speech, and it is important, but we have to recognize that it is a knife that cuts both ways. If we allow free speech on the part of evildoers- and those who would renew persecution of Jews are among that number- then we have to counter it with free speech, loud and clear, on behalf of what is right.

I think it is time to get offended with Anti-Semitism. To stand up and walk out. To speak up and rebuke. To meet it’s tendered camaderie with shriveling stares. That’s right – stare it down and speak out. If they have no shame at least let them know they have no support.

There is a religious war going on here in our culture. It’s been going on, but the scenery and the costumes have changed a bit. In a free society you have to do something about the bullies. If you don’t face them down, pretty soon it is just not free for anyone.

Have we got that part yet? Have we understood what this is about? If you are conservative and on the right, you better get it, because the Left lost that sense long ago. When I was in company with the Left ideologues, the first thing that turned me off was the homogenizing of the group to exhibit the de rigueur look, talk, and behavior of a card carrying revolutionary. And that is the one thing that has most congealed in leftist politics and social identity.

I can respect their views and their passion for many things… but not this. I will give not one iota of tolerance, concern, compassion, or respect for their drift into hatred of Jews. And yes, the diminishment of the holocaust and “humor” that glosses over their prejudices is hatred. If nothing else it feeds those who have no qualms acting out their hatred to life extinguishing extent.

And that makes those who feed such mindsets, accessories. Think about that next time you laugh at the expense of the Jews.

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