Helping Me Help You

Well, someone else had major problems with my page and truthfully I am not sure what is causing it, but like I do on my computer: restore to something else that worked previously. So for now, the squible theme which does not load up video,etc. on the arrival screen ( you have to click through to the individual post). I hadn’t worked on this theme for some time- it needs cleaning up and the background annoys me, so I will change it. After that I might switch to yet another previous theme in trying to make everything work.

I am presuming the problem is with me and not the host server. It is probably me, which is why I am trying to trouble shoot what I might have added into my template that is creating havoc with people loading the page. Thanks for the loyal ppl who keep trying to visit and read my posts. And thanks to Eclexia and Hoots for trying to alert me to the problem.

How many out there just hate technology sometimes? Or more accurately hate the fumbling attempts to work with said technology?