How to deal with blog rage | Open Switch

How to deal with blog rage | Open Switch

Blog Rage is a harsh reality for those of us who’ve been blogging for any significant length of time. Most of us have been “flamed” or raged against for something we’ve written online. An equal number of us have ourselves flamed another blogger, I know I have. It’s very unpleasant, but the fact of the matter is it happens.

hmmm, ok. I don’t consider that I’ve ever been flamed in a blog format- hated by fellow bloggers, yes. No names, but some have a slow simmering dislike of me. Which is ok with me because I’m the type that considers that this is one of the parts of life- a downside part, but unavoidable. Then, too, I don’t try to avoid conflict…so it follows that I think that way.

This link-should you choose to follow it- will give you some advice on what to do if you are sideswiped by blog rage. I keep thinking there is another term more commonly used, but it has proved to evade my conscious thought process, so ‘blog rage’, it is.

This sort of thing is just a fact of life in forums, but lots of bloggers start up without any previous experience in internet interactions of this type, which have their own set of categories and stereotypical profiles. One of the things I find fascinating about online activity.

Every once in awhile I strike out on a new cyber pathway of blog spotting-reading in a community that isn’t familiar to me. It’s been awhile since reading the “Emergent Church” ones. I don’t know if this is one of those, but I found it following some of those connections.

Well, my comments were alot about nothing, but the site linked is interesting. My offering this morning before I start the day in earnest. The best thing I got from the post is that it is important to “let anger go” and not become bitter. God has been giving me more grace in this area. I had lots to be bitter about in my life, but who did it hurt? Me, and those innocent parties who have to live connected to me. Not a good scenario. Bitterness has so many unseen and insidious ways to damage things…no wonder the Bible talks about getting rid of roots of bitterness.

I’ll be thinking about this today now….

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