Immigration’s Simmering Pot

For some reason I didn’t publish some posts I had written, but this one deserves to be considered. We are now past Hurricane Rita, and as things will move along in dealing with the aftermath of these, the resurfacing of “problems that need to be addressed” will gain attention again.

Once we have absorbed the tragic results of Katrina and taken care of our own, the eye will no doubt continue to turn towards the impossible immigration situation.

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La Shawn Barber’s Corner » Terrorists Exploit Immigration Laws

Terrorists Exploit Immigration Laws

We need to “harden” laws against ALL immigrants, not just terrorists. The Department of Homeland Insecurity, Bush’s big, bloated baby, must put more agents on the border to keep Mexicans and Central Americans out not only for the damage they cause, but to prevent Muslims from jumping the border right along with them.

So what’s the solution, you ask? Well, you know I’m considered an extremist about certain things, and this is one. For the next five years at least, close the borders to immigrants from countries harboring or suspected of harboring Islamofascists. CLOSED, with no exceptions.

Second, scrutinize young men of Middle Eastern descent no matter which country they’re from. I don’t care if they’re from Iceland. Strictly scrutinize them to the point they get bored with the process and change their minds about immigrating.

Third, close and seal the Southern border. Mexicans and Central Americans wanting to enter this great country must get in line and go through the proper channels just like everyone else.

At the same time Muslims stiffen their necks and become more arch and demanding.
Big Hint to them: now is not the time. If ever there is a time.

Certain Slant of Light throws you some bones, one of which is the LaShawn post.

I just don’t think the prevailing powers-that-be are catching on to how important an issue this is, not to the degree they need to.

I have reasons and beliefs that would lead me to be moderate on this, but the sheer magnitude of the problem places me on the side of tightening the borders and doing what needs to be done to control a problem that should never have gotten this outrageously imbalanced.