In the mood for sadness

That’s how I find myself sometimes…today. This time of year often brings it on, a comfortable if not comforting melancholy, perusing the whys and wherefores of things that have gone worng, or are steeped in inevitable futility. It is in these times I drift into uncommitted conversations with those I know I will pique with probing questions- not always pleasantly. I do it on purpose I think… knowing how often people settle into their accustomed pleasantries of unthinking misery. It is these times that I wallow in Bob Dylan lyrics, in Celtic melodies, until I reach the precipice of true sadness… and then pray with sincerety as I am forced to recognize my condition, and man’s condition, and how we make things go so very wrong for ourselves and each other.

And I know that for those of upbeat and optimistic minds this is all so much nonsense… and their contempt is just barely beneath the surface, perhaps with good reason. But it is from this that I sometimes reach into the very gut of reason, and maul about until I find something of substance to give answer with.

We don’t look very hard for answers in this society… we like things all wrapped up and new and handed to us with no strings attached. That is how we like life here. The constant sun of smiles, and the everlasting “I’m fine” from each other. The bright shiny facade dressed in the newest fashions. As if the moth will never find it, and the rusty oxidation is unknown to our planet. Our planet…our cosmos…. our worlds of private making.

Sometimes much of what is truly required of us is to wait it all out. So I guess it is best to get a cup of hot tea, a comfortable chair, and a Bible. And sit and wait a bit.