It Would Seem…

that I have found my true race. I appear to have the characteristics of a Dúnadan.

The Lord of the Kingdom writes:

A Dúnadan’s life is troubling and troublesome, at once troubled and troubling. It seems that the two are inseparable.

The conflict arises because the path, mission, or life’s work of a Dúnadan is troublesome or troubling to others; this, in turn makes it troubled and troubling for the Dúnadan. Since it is the work of a Dúnadan to guard others even when they don’t feel the need to be guarded, and to correct them even when they have asked for no correction, life becomes complicated for all involved.

Most commonly, however, a Dúnadan is troubled and troubling by just being who he or she is…
Because they see things differently, having a different perspective and evaluative grid, they don’t seem to fit in and never blend in for long. They are the ones who have a different, “deeper” or “too spiritual” view of things at Bible studies. Without trying, they pose a threat to cherished traditions by asking if there is a biblical warrant or allowance for them. Once again, they disturb the comfortable without even meaning to just by being themselves

The Lord of the Kingdom also has a new post up musing on the idea of “myth”. I am in sympathy with the inferred view of Tolkien on the nature and purpose of myth. In some ways, myths are , or can be, complex and intricate forms of parables, as I see it. Enveloping truth within the wrapper of story.