Just Conversation

Mark La Roi, in comments asked “So it wasn’t just me thinking that?” about the chunk of marble falling from the Supreme Court facade. Nope, and I wonder how many of us were on this wave-length? While, as Christians, we don’t put too much into the symbolism of everyday events, sometimes the message fairly jumps out at us.

We all know that the Supreme Court has been both the vehicle and the recipient of attacks on our freedoms (sometimes it seems more the former than the latter). We need a court of wise and equitable judges. With the demise of our property rights, our future generation, and our religious rights, we can’t say that this is what we have. The Court needs to be rebalanced… can we preserve our freedoms? Can we restore our trampled rights? In due fairness to those cautioning voices who tell us to be careful of how much we change the aspect of our Supreme Court, we need to balance the authority of it, while not undermining this important arm of our government. It looks as though this is easier seen and said, than done.

That is the way with freedom and privilege. How much easier to carefully protect it, than to allow its destruction and then hope for the best in rebuilding it. Too often, what is lost..is lost. Then the great challenge is to preserve and protect what is left. I think this is where we are as a nation. Let us be careful how we undermine the authority that is supposed to safeguard our nation and community. We ought to hold it accountable without dangerous tunneling under the supports for our free system.

I think that chunk of marble falling from the facade and crashing in the entrance to the Court holds a sign. “Be careful, be careful, repair the breaches, fellow American” and stop blasting away the structures of your authority and freedom.

You may find the resulting anarchy to none too pleasing to you. I know I am concerned.


In reading about the snow blasts and blizzards hitting the plains of the country, it reminded me of the Little House On The Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Sometimes the stories of winter, etc. seemed a little exaggerated, but only because I don’t live in the Dakotas! We loved those books, as always, so much better than the TV version. It seems like the book to haul out and read aloud with cups of hot chocolate all around, doesn’t it?

Here in Ohio we have our fluctuations of weather and temperature. Frigid over Thanksgiving and 71° on Monday. That’s Ohio for you. Right now we are waiting for that cold front to finish out with some snow flurries this week.

It makes a lot of people feel like Christmas…. but I would like just a couple days of moderation to finish up things outside. But I think the time has passed for that hope, what do they say? That ship has sailed. HA!

For Christmas I would really like to roast a goose. It shouldn’t be too hard because I know how to do duck, and goose doesn’t seem all that different. But I’m kind of hesitant, having never attempted it before. You know what they say about trying new recipes on holidays, etc.

I think I will anyway.

OK. Done with sharing for today;) I ‘m so bored with politics…keep thinking that I’ll comment on something, but just don’t have much to drive me. Sort of an opinion malaise…