Last Post and then I’m Outta Here

Today is obsessive day, so probably not- but I will try.. I will try to be good, to control myself- BUT FIRST! There is always that… while on the blog mentioned previously there was a meme with so much ego feeding potential that of course I had to do it.

You take your name, put it in quotes with the word ‘needs’ and google it. Here is mine:

“Ilona needs”

First, some coffee. I think especially Ilona needs it.

Ilona needs a standard way of naming files

Ilona needs to raise $200.00.

I decided Ilona needs leggings!

Ilona needs me, and of course I will be There.

Ilona needs to secure a date for her First kick-off

Ilona needs our prayers at the moment as her job is very hard

clearly Ilona needs forgiveness

~how eerie. The internet knows me….
segue out to x-file theme… overlaid with echoes of The Twilight Zone

You are supposed to pick the first five or the five funniest, but I did my own thing as always… there were only two pages of results to choose from.