Little Computer Notes

I should give you, dear friends, the outcome of my computer escapades. I purchased a backup hard drive, I backed up the important files in increments as I said in the update – but what has put me back onto my regular computer is the system restore I did- reset it to the beginning of March. If I had a disk I would’ve reformatted the whole computer, but instead I have to rely on the restore- which I really don’t trust. Just don’t.

I’m waiting to see if the system crashes again. If so, it will be time to take ye olde computer to the Computer store to see if it is something like a fan. But the problems started after Windows did updates, and I updated Adobe Reader and Firefox. I suspect it to be the Window updates, so I turned them off. Let’s face it – I am out of my league when it comes to troubleshooting these things. I always get by on some sort of accidental fix. I tweak this or that until it works and I can’t tell you why. But it is working so I should be able to blog and do my photo meme,etc. this coming week.

The really good thing about all this is that I have a real backup system, now. Although I didn’t double check by trying to access the files on it. CD backups are tedious and they get strewn all over the place, somehow. Organization is not my strong suit.