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Bird dog over @ Maggie’s Farm found an interesting bit of history. Not that anyone seems to listen to the lessons of history- especially nowadays…. all are convinced that there is something new under the sun and they just happen to know all about it. But let the voices of wisdom ring long and clear and let watch dogs like this Bird dog, and New Sisyphus alert us along the way

Why did the Nazis hate us? Rational Americans no doubt took these points at face value and sat down to think hard about how America could shore up her image in Germany, how legitimate grievances of Germany could be met with a helpful response, how the misunderstandings here could be avoided.

A fool’s errand. The document continues:

Why is Roosevelt doing all this?

The reason is clear. The American opposition party asked “Why this warmongering?,” and gave the answer. It claimed that Roosevelt was using such methods to:

1) to conceal the embarrassing sale of the most modern American warplanes to France,

2) to divert the attention of the public from unsolved domestic problems, and

3) to provide a reason for his premature return (from the naval maneuvers), which might have some impact on Congress.

We would add a fourth point: Roosevelt is acting as the mouthpiece and puppet of international Jewry when he attacks the authoritarian states. They want to use every means to destroy the newly awakened nations.

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