Mary Yerkes–Releasing the Artist WIthin

Mary Yerkes–Releasing the Artist WIthin

Should you ask God to give you a verse for the year?

Mary Yerkes shares this thought from N. J. Lindquist , and it is always something I’ve liked to do.

For me, it started with those little scripture stickers that my grandmother gave me. I would place them in the front of my Bible, and eventually they became something of a guiding motto for me. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” was that first one. It inspires me to this day- a reminder that I often need.

I don’t have a scripture for this year yet, but it isn’t too late. I’m seeking to hear God on what it is the Rhema Word for me in 2007.

Mary suggests John 15:4-5, incorporating ideas of fruitfulness and deeper relationship with Christ. That is a good one…. I’m taking it under consideration.

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