MaxedOutMama Reports: Interfaith Murkiness

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Jacksonville had a theological dispute with their bishop. I don’t know quite what it was over.I do know my mother drew the line in HER diocese when the Druids and so forth were acceptable ministers but the orthodox ministers were being deposed by their Bishop (in PA), and when PA bishop met with her vestry, the bishop insisted that there were many Christs. The Druid and Wiccan services were just part of their interfaith outreach. I know this is true because my mother was there and she told me.

Yes, and it has been happening in the Methodist Church for awhile… and wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t going on quietly in some other apostate mainline congregations, as well.

One antidote is what is happening @, but another thing is to see that this is the end of the watershed from the great divide on the reality of a personal God, and a living faith in Christ. This is why I stress the integral factor of interacting with God in a way that includes “hearing”, “listening”, “seeking” and expecting a response. When no one expects an answer to their call, they begin to think no one is at home.

Then they vandalize the place.

That is what I think is happening in many Christian Churches and denominations- there is a trashing of the faith. We need to clean up and put the house in order.

2 thoughts on “MaxedOutMama Reports: Interfaith Murkiness”

  1. Hearing, listening, seeking and expecting.
    yes, that is indeed the best way. 🙂
    I’m glad you find the ministry of to be an antidote. 🙂

    His servant,

  2. It serves up pure unadulterated salvation of the gospel message, what better antidote than that?

    Seriously, I have felt that what Exwitch. org does is very important and not least because they employ “the power of the soft answer”

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