Last night I went to homegroup. It was warm, casual, and enjoyable, just what you imagine homegroups should be. I haven’t felt this comfortable in a gathering of fellow believers for a long while, even though I have good friendships in many churches in the area. But there is something different when the whole group is operating with a peace with one another. Sometimes I felt I was incapable of operating within a group in that way.

The guest of honor, and speaker for the evening was the Missionary to Brazil who gave the sermon Sunday. I wish I had time right now to share some of the important points of that sermon and highlights from the conversations and Q&A time last night. I’ll try to squeeze out some hours tonight to do my blogging.

I’ve come across some really exceptional blogs while trying to put together my Advent calender for the Loving Christmas site. They are all done by Catholic women. I want to conclude something about that…but I am not sure what. There are quite good ones done by Protestants, but the je ne sais quoi of the Catholic ones is something I’m going to try to analyze. Maybe they are more comfortable within their skins with devotion to God and homelife. I’m not saying that…. just threw it out there as a thought to look at. What would be the purpose in trying to figure it out? Well, for one thing, you gather together a body of the worthwhile and excellent by recognizing it wherever it is found. To be virtuous in the Proverb 31 sense means acquiring an opus, so to speak, of skills and attitudes that finalize into that climactic moment of hearing “Many women do noble things,but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:29 and “‘Well done, good and faithful servant; …. Enter into the joy of your lord”