Mid-Year Resolution Checkup

Well, it is midpoint in the year, and time to report on how I managed with the resolutions of 2008 so far. One thing on my list was to lose 10 lbs by now with another ten by 2009. I had almost made it, the finish line was in sight… and I don’t know what I did, but I put at least half the lost pounds back on. I’m down about four to five lbs. so I give myself an average grade for that. I’ve been good about the exercise and almost every week I put in my 3x at Curves. I was resolving to up my exercise with supplementary things at home, but except for the gardening, I have failed on that one.
1 +
2 OK
3 –

Neutral progress so far. But not a complete bust, which is a positive situation in itself.

I was going to put gardening on a higher priority. A+ for that goal. I have the gardens looking like a gardener lives here around the house. I have tomatoes, and a small veggie plot. Reclaimed a couple gardens and worked on a bit of hardscaping ( with help from Handyman AKA my husband). Gardening has pushed out some of my blogging time, most of my leisure time, and caused some of the old aches and pains to return, but as long as I don’t pressure myself with unrealistic expectations it relaxes me and gives enjoyment to life to have nice outdoor surroundings. I notice nature in a positive way more often when I garden.

There is so much more that is needed for the garden to be satisfactorily renovated. I still have the fall and usually get much done during October. We’ll see.

I am a terrible sluggard when it comes to organizing. The progress is slight.

I think I should do a mid year shuffle of priorities. Maybe that is always what we should do when resolving to make changes, as events unfold and we hit plateaus or find areas of life that are particularly resistant to our better intentions.

* blogging will continue to be light until after the second week of this month, July.