New Computer ordered

I ordered a new Dell Inspiron 530. It should arrive in a couple weeks. I figure that if I am going to seriously work on the computer with blogging and all I should have the proper tool. So much time was wasted this past year in computer woes, and I really can’t have that sort of time lag, who can? So I bit the frugal bullet and equated time as money, then went forward on getting a computer which my son recommended. I can’t imagine needing any more memory or hard drive space than it will offer for a very long time. Famous last words, I know, but this time I think I will have estimated correctly. I ran short on memory on this one, but still have more than half of the 8 gig space – I just don’t’ have lots of MP3’s or photos.

My husband was happy picking up his HP at Microcenter for his business, and has it up and running in time to do taxes, etc. His hard drive actually failed with a “danger” alert, so it was good that he done a back-up during the Christmas break while our geeky sons were here to help him. Then his friend came over helped install everything and introduced him to Skype. He trusts them more than he does me, but that is OK, since I find getting a new computer up and running to be very tedious. And I’ll be working on my own soon enough.

Speaking of techy gizmos, my daughters have new cameras that cost less than mine did and are so much better. One has a Canon which is really impressive. Now I want one.

Where does it end, though? I think I need to commit to simplifying life again, it seems to need a readjustment every year after the Christmas shopping binge. I am not much of a consumer/shopper most of the year, so Christmastime forces me out into the malls, where I am as susceptible to the sophisticated marketing techniques as everyone else.