New Computer Update

I am in the midst of setting up and changing over from the old computer- it always takes so much more time and effort than I at first think it might. I actually ended up getting an XPS which is just about all the computer power I would want- it has taken a little getting used to with a Vista OS etc, but I know it will help me accomplish everything so much more efficiently. Eventually. My laptop has been shutting off on me which makes it very undependable. I am going to reformat it once the main PC is further along in the setup.

All the new stuff of computing is so amazing to me. We purchased some flash drives to do backup, and like my husband said, it is hard to imagine how something so small holds four gig. very wow.

I really don’t like having to learn so much new at this point, though… I just want to percolate along. So far, 2008 is bringing lots of change to my life and how I do things. Much more than just the computer concerns.