“New Internet”?

Many researchers want to rethink the internet’s underlying architecture, saying a “clean-slate” approach is the only way to truly address security, mobility and other challenges that have cropped up since the internet’s birth in 1969.
…In the late 1960s, BBN won the contract to build a network linking machines at four universities. That network, then known as ARPAnet, grew to include the millions that form the internet today.

BBN also played an important role in early e-mail technology, and one of its scientists, Ray Tomlinson, was the designator of the “at” symbol now part of e-mail addresses.

Construction on GENI could start about 2010 and cost $350m.

A new internet could ultimately mean replacing networking equipment and rewriting software on computers, at a cost of billions of dollars.

I saw this on the news recently. What do you think? Is it likely that the internet as we know it will become obsolete? Is this solution inevitable?

Or will it limp along with “patches” for problems?

Would you be willing to “jump on board” if they created an alternate system?

“New” Internet to Be Built by Original Designer

2 thoughts on ““New Internet”?”

  1. If they don’t re-think and build anew, as more and more traffic goes over the i-net, it will crash and go boom… leaving most of the world in information darkness.

    It’s not a matter of “can you imagine a new internet” any more. It’s a matter of “can you imagine life without it? Let’s DO something!”

    Just my random opinion 🙂

  2. {{Kathi}}

    I think you are likely right … it already slows in times of heavy usage. I look forward to see what comes of it, but what I wonder is how elite it will end up being, as I somehow doubt that the egalitarianism of the present system will be difficult to support economically.

    I ought to highlight you and your blog-= you are a very amazing person and have been influential in some of my thinking,etc

    BTW, I am still sometimes in touch with Vash from old exwitch forum days:)

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