Now Here Is A Battleground

You want to wage war against injustice, cultural tyranny, and oppression of Christians? Take a look at this issue. This is what all that other stuff is distracting you(us) from….

Gene Edward Veith – Rock of offense

By blackballing Christian prayer, a federal judge creates a state religion

What the Indiana decision does is to outlaw Christian prayer in the civic arena. And, if it stands, it will mean that no Christian clergyman or layperson can in good conscience pray at public events.

The word invocation does not just mean a prayer that opens a meeting. It means “calling upon” a deity. Virtually every prayer begins by calling upon the name of the person to whom the prayer is addressed.

Islamic prayers—as were also offered in the Indiana House and noted with approval in Judge David Hamilton’s ruling—begin “In the name of Allah, the merciful.” Is it legal to invoke Allah’s name, and not that of Jesus Christ?

also via Pearcy Report