Out Walking…reminding me what blogging is

I have followed a trail of connections that reminded me what blogging is; to me, anyway. It is linking together of lives and thoughts more than news stories and essays. I started @ Intellectuelle, determined to follow every link in Bonnies post on more things to think about, this took me over to AnotherThink’s Charlie , who is always an edifying and interesting writer, He is highlighting other bloggers and the trailway was to Julana’s blog, quite appropriately named “Life in the Slow Lane” for just this sort of blog exploration. I was enjoying her posts when one led me over to a section of Outwalking, called “The Tapestry Project” which has richly described posts on L’Abri and the Shaeffer’s lives and heritage…. which I then tracked back to the homepage,Out Walking

At this juncture I came across this thought:

I usually forget I have the Holy Spirit and settle for the spirit holy, that is, the vague veneer of spirituality, all controlled and manageable.

To which I wish to respond.

Many of us know all too well what this is describing, but I wish to say that if you are in this state… and if perchance your conscience is not awakened as this writers has been…. at some point God will break through that veneer. It will not look like God, however, it will look like heavy burdens of circumstances, or it will have the face of deep disappointment, or it will be found under the cape of betrayals…, but somewhere and somehow you will find the veneer is crumbling and the balance of the facade is headed to an inexorable fall. Humpty Dumpty will break and all the kings horse and men will not make it right.

What you won’t know is how much you need this, how very necessary it is to break free from that false face and carefully constructed balancing act. so that you can really know God, and really know the Truth, and find yourself in the arms of grace.

You don’t have to fall, if you don’t allow yourself to sleep this dreamsleep of pretense. But so many of us are so sure that we are fooling everyone and that we will somehow catch up, and somehow make right….. and be the hero for the day.

But it is so much better to look, as this writer has done, for the reality:

“I need something awesome, something almost dangerous, in short Someone to do something — a miracle, a rescue, a last-minute save, or a healing. I forget what I have available. Or, worse, I just don’t fully believe it at that moment of existence.”

… “He said “Steve, we’ve got to live existentially, moment by moment.” Grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me gently, he said it again, and all I could do was nod and make for the door, thinking he was a little bit of a nut. After all, he was charismatic, you know. They tend to be emotional and have wild ideas about the Spirit (like that He actually does things and isn’t just some benign ghostly presence).

Yesterday I found out that that pastor, long retired, is still around. I’m going to find him. I think he’s right. I think we have to believe and trust God moment by moment. ”

Yes, Steve, he is right, and how much happier we are when we just live that way to begin with; but if not, at least to wake up to it now.

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