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Christmas: Going, Going … Gone? by Don Feder

The secularist assault on Christmas (unwittingly aided by the perpetually aggrieved and sensitivity-whipped) is one front in the war on America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

And as a Christian who enthusiastically celebrates Christmas, I say “It need not be so”. I’ve been making my case for this is in the last few posts or so. This is one bandwagon we should let run on by.

There is an attack on our Judeo-Christian heritage. No doubt about that. redfish.jpegThere are big questions about how we should center on Christ in our churches…no doubt about that either, but this whole controversy on “Happy Holiday” vs. “Merry Christmas” strikes me as just one big red herring that is going to end up stinking.
It smacks of polarity and political opportunism. I detect very little of genuine religion in it.

via The Pearcy Report