PHAT Mommy leads me to Christmas meditation

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I wonder how someone ….could simply stop because a supernatural being told her to.

I happened across this post today. I don’t want to make too much of it, because -after all- people were just as flummoxed when Garbo suddenly left the stage without giving satisfaction to their curiousity in a secular situation. We understand failing and changing gears better than we understand success and changing gears.

But that wasn’t what the statement was expressing. It was expressing bewilderment towards something Christians often tacitly understand. We don’t question it, and with good reason. No one can hear the accounting of the Christmas story and not come face to face with many such decisions. And it is threaded throughout the scriptures in so many variations that we recognize its theme of walking by faith.

I started thinking about it in Christmas terms. We are first introduced to Mary. Her life is completely changed from its course, and she simply replies, ” I’m God’s Handmaiden, may it be just as you said”. Then Joseph, where we see first hand someone who time and again changes course “simply…because a supernatural being told” him that it was important. First thinking to part from Mary, he goes ahead, on the word of a supernatural being, and marries someone he previously had deep doubts over. Later, he and Mary, both, drop everything and take flight to Egypt on the word of a supernatural being…. no questions asked. The shepherds on the night of Christ’s birth, heard the supernatural message and left their responsibilities, representing all their livelihood, in reponse to a supernatural being. Then there were the wise men. They had followed a star to an undetermined destination and then were bold to risk the ruler Herod’s wrath by taking a different path out of the country in express defiance of the requested return report… all on the directions of a supernatural being.

This is the difference between having a God and being gods unto ourselves: there is an expected willingness to respond outside of our own understanding and interests. There is a trust factor there that comes from relationship, and even before relationship, comes from a willingness to know and believe. More than that, there is a recognition of sovereignty- of right and worthiness that such as one should be obeyed and followed in just such a way, with immediacy.

It is an entrepreneurial risk-taking in a way. It’s based upon things that aren’t seen by the eye, and so aren’t given to appraisal by others. but that doesn’t mean it is blind, by any means. In many ways, to the believer, it is the surest thing in the world. Tested and found true.

And that meditation gave me something to treasure in my heart… the way Mary treasured certain nuggets of truth and understanding in her heart. We are given many little assurances and evidences all adding up to a sureness and resolve over time.

….and that probably is somewhat difficult to comprehend.