Portrait of a Friend

I visited a blog of someone I have never met -online or off, read a post about someone I don’t know, and came away with a lasting impression of someone I would like to be.

When reading this post memorializing Debbie Wells, a woman who obviously impacted people with her Christian life and manner, it inspired me. I want to be this woman, when all is said and done. Here is what inspired me:

She is one of those people that people like. Everyone does. There are many reasons to like her. For one thing, she is kind. Always. And, she smiles. She was a friend to me and opened her home to me so many years ago that it’s hard to count sometimes.

She taught me how to iron ruffles on little girl’s dresses. She taught me how to iron pockets and collars. She thought I was funny and smart. She let me help and made me feel helpful. She could deliver a hard correction without leaving me bloody and demoralized. She oozed God stuff.

If she hadn’t been there for me that one week, I would have been lost forever to my fears and sucked back into the swirling mess that was my life. She was clear. She was peaceful.

She opened God’s word to me and made it come alive. She made me hungry for LIFE.

She laughed hard. She wept beautifully.

One time they came to my little apartment with all the kids. (I don’t remember how many at that time.) They ate spaghetti with me, told me it was good, settled back and enjoyed my home. At church on Sunday they told everyone of my hospitality. I was embarrassed but I grew a lot that day. Good affirmation.

She made repentance and growth seem possible and good and I believed her.

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2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Friend”

  1. Enjoyed reading your article… We all need people like her in our lives. Shalom and God bless.

    P.S I stumbled on your blog when performing my Google search for ‘hesed.’ I too am researching this word. Should be on my blog by the weekend. Keep up the good work! Bye.

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