President Bush Shoulders Responsibiity

I just want to say here: I support President Bush. I fully intend to lift him, and all his subordinates in government up in prayer on September 16th.

People always want to blame. It is so much easier than lifting up ones own part of the burden, and caring for ones fellow man.

Lots of those willing to cast the first stones… not many of character and substance.

President Bush has faced some of the most severe tests of modern memory.

I support him and I will pray for him.

3 thoughts on “President Bush Shoulders Responsibiity”

  1. I applaud your support of our government.

    You may already know why some people are disappointed with President Bush, but I hope to clarify the cause of that disappointment. I hope that these concerns are valid and not easily dismissed as mere excuses for casting stones at our President.

    Some people may feel that President Bush, as the commander in chief of our country has a duty to be prepared; a duty to act quickly for our country; and a duty to mitigate damage.

    Some people may feel that President Bush initially neglected those duties of leadership, and that his neglect directly resulted in our country being forced to “lift up” a much heavier burden than what should have been.

    Some people may believe that President Bush had an opportunity to be like the angel that God sent forth, “I send an angel before thee, to keep thee by the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.” Exodus 23:19-21 and that our commander in chief missed this opportunity by waiting too long before acting.

    Or some people may feel that preparedness is half the battle and that our government, led by the President, simply failed to prepare.

    The people that feel this way may believe they are not casting stones, but rather that they are evaluating our country’s leadership and trying to improve the future of our nation.

    (These views are not representative of, they are simply my personal observations. Respectfully, -JD)

  2. JD, so glad to have you , kind benefactor:)

    I think it is premature to fault Pres. Bush, although I do think as the examination of all the facts takes place in the coming months, year, (whatever it takes) we will see clearer.

    In the immediacy of the event I support the steps that the President took, I would have to look more narrowly on the years of guiding the state for whether there was a case for neglect.

    If I were a wagering woman, I would put my bets that the greatest blame is going to fall on Gov. Blanco, if Mayor Nagin can manage to sidestep out of the spotlight…which I don’t think he can. The Presidents part is going to be more along lines of leadership in years leading up to the disaster, as I think you are expressing it.

    but personally, I look at it and ask myself, could one really have expected more? Didn’t the whole country pretty much give a sigh of relief after Katrina passed to the east? The other Governors would have to complain about the federal and the leadership of the President…. we haven’t heard anything yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t. It is wait and see… and in the meantime, I will support the President who I think is seeking to work on a very difficult situation. I think the present controversy is detrimental on the whole.

    From where I sit it looks like some of the most trying times our nation has ever met, in terms of natural disaster, but I know there are other opinions on this.

    And I will be praying for our country this Friday, the 16th, including all the leaders in that prayer, because I think we can all agree our nation needs prayer. ( just taking advantage of giving one more plug;)

  3. Thanks for your reply 🙂

    I like your idea of waiting to see; focusing on determining what really were the primary failures in the federal and state government.

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