Quick little thoughts on men

That last post topic got me thinking.

The Bible doesn’t really define what male gender looks like in the terms we like to think. It doesn’t tell you what a “manly man” looks like. It says alot of righteous vs unrighteous, but those two could both have cultural attributes of ” manly”.

I would have alot of trouble coming up with my own definition. In fact, I am not so sure I would go there in defining a “feminine” woman, despite my familiarity with the topic. ( take that however…) I think the most the Mosaic law has to say about it is not confuse the two in the culture, and perhpas there is where we get many of the disputes over whether women should wear pants, or men have long hair, etc. Although references are made to Paul’s epistles, the debates get bogged down into whether he was speaking from the culture or the Lord. I tend to go middle ground with that, I think everything that we see in the Bible is pertinent to life in all cultures in some way. IOW, that it works back to some sort of principle, so that even if it was a matter dealing with a cultural question of the time, it was teaching us a way to look at those types of problems even though our culture is different. Like the women’s pants thing. There are cultures where women wear a trouser-like garment, but no one mistakes them for men.

But back to what makes a man a man. Lots of people say their opinions, and culturally that is all valid. What isn’t valid is putting scriptural imprimatur on them. Personally opining- don’t we just chalk up the effects of testosterone to many of the qualities we call “manly”, but then have trouble when trying to describe the male version of many excellent qualities we find in humans?

Like, meekness, and kindness, and compassion. There are examples of traits I would say need to be exemplified in a fully-expressed man. Culturally, though we have a really hard time explaining what that looks like. Something is wrong with that picture, and I feel that lots of well-meaning traditionalists get themselves into trouble in their zeal to expound on what a “real” man or woman looks like… or acts like…. or what their characteristics are.

Not that it can’t be done… it just isn’t done carefully enough. That is my opinion anyway.

and…oh. How many times are we frustrated with something that is just charactieristic of the opposite sex? Why do we get caught up in that trap? Lots of those men/women jokes probably come from that common enough comedy.

2 thoughts on “Quick little thoughts on men”

  1. I agree with you on this. In fact, I was in the midst of writing a rather long comment on this topic yesterday on your previous post, but I got interrupted and the browser betrayed me and refreshed the page.

  2. Hannah, I hate when that happens! I would have loved to have more of your thoughts on this.

    btw- email coming your way later t-day

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