Quotes: Keys to Success

CNNMoney had a collection of highlights from successful people called their ‘golden rules’, and I thought I would mine the nuggets for you, dear reader.

In no particular order, I present:

Michael Graves,
Architect and designer
Learn to give back “My parents told me that no matter how good you are in your work, you must make a contribution to society. Without that, you will only be selfish.”…”My colleagues and I can make a difference if we turn our attention to improving the functionality and appearance of the aids to living that many people need, even those with slight disabilities. “
Mireille Guiliano,
CEO and president, Clicquot; author, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”
Once a day, take some”beach time” “I take my beach time each morning. I have a glass of water, and I walk along Bank Street to the Hudson River. A walk is the cheapest and best exercise, and it’s the best 20 minutes of my day.”
Gary Hamel,
Business consultant and author
Never bow to precedent “as I looked around for role models and mentors, it quickly became obvious that the people who had really made a difference in the world of management — from Frederick Winslow Taylor to Mary Parker Follett, W. Edwards Deming to Taiichi Ohno — were all rebels. Constructive rebels, but rebels nonetheless.”
Phil Hellmuth,
Poker world champion
You can’t cheat an honest man. I don’t know exactly why that is, but it’s true for me.it’s better than having it anywhere else in life because everyone remembers everything from 15 or 20 years ago. If you cheated then, they’ll remember.
Shelly Lazarus
Chairman and CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Business can’t trump happiness “The truth is that balance is achieved through a host of individual dance steps, from being willing to suffer a little domestic chaos to insisting that performance be measured by results, not just time spent in the office. “…”happy people are better for business. They are more creative and productive, they build environments where success is more likely, and you have a much better chance of keeping your best players.”
Steven D. Levitt,
Coauthor, “Freakonomics”
Don’t trust, just verify “So much of what we hear and what we’re taught turns out to be false on closer scrutiny. Whether it is expert advice, what you read in the paper, or what your mother told you, if it is important, take the time to figure out for yourself whether it is really true.”
David Neeleman,
Founder, chairman and CEO, JetBlue
Never,ever forget that you are a servant “I don’t think you can train someone to be nice. We are all servants in the best sense of the word, which brings amazing personal and professional rewards.”
Dick Parsons
Chairman and CEO, Time Warner
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap “This came from my grandmother, and it was the best advice I ever got. If I think of anything on a daily basis, in terms of a moral compass, that is the one. You treat people the way you want to be treated.”
Hector Ruiz
Be a problem solver “Innovation is only worthwhile if it is focused on solving real-world problems.”
Ivan Seidenberg
Chairman and CEO, Verizon
Hard work opens doors “The message: Work hard, have high standards, and stick to your values, because somebody’s always watching.”
Sergio Zyman,
Marketing expert
Business is not about ideas; it’s about initiatives and strategies “My golden rule of business is action. Ideas are nice, but initiatives move the business forward.”
Richard Branson,
Founder and chairman, Virgin Group
Give people a second chance “To be a good leader, you’ve got to concentrate on bringing out the best in your people. “