Reformed Chicks Blabbing: Another Update on Andrea Clark

Reformed Chicks Blabbing: Another Update on Andrea Clark
Andrea Clark’s family is moving her to Chicago. Her sister, who is a democrat, has words of praise for the pro-life movement….

2 thoughts on “Reformed Chicks Blabbing: Another Update on Andrea Clark”

  1. There’s been another update on this case. A very unfortunate turn of events. They are unable to move Clark to the new hospital and will be deciding what to do on Tuesday.

  2. We need legislative changes to safeguard against this. We did not learn the lessons form Terri Schiavo’s fate, and this will keep being repeated in ever bolder terms until there is a will in our nation to underline the individuals rights against the money-driven empowerment of institutions. That is what I think is beneath much of the loss of ethical judgment.

    We have a very weak system of supporting the family and supporting proper care of the elderly. I think these things are all inter-related. More needs to be outlined plainly in the law to offset the societal blunders resulting from placing responsibility into impersonal institutional entities ( whether business or government).

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