Return of the Blog

I’m back to my blog habit, but I don’t really have everything together quite yet. Right now I am still quite distracted with the many things and thoughts that having a household full of people and a holiday can spawn. I like that word ‘spawn’…it just so well describes the whole scenario here of the last week.

So to celebrate the distractions of a master dilletante, this post will be the bits that I like to call “fragments”. Just things of interest in passing:

  • “Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
    —preface to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
    There is much in that quote… go ahead and think about it, and then get ready for the new Narnia movie coming out by looking through Into the Wardrobe :: a C. S. Lewis web site
  • Then check out the controversy:
    In 2001, a”piece by editor Marvin Olasky on reported plans by those who control C.S. Lewis’s estate “to downplay Lewis’s Christian profession.” If you like conspiracy theories, you’ll love this piece. It’s got secret cabals running around from Singapore to Liechtenstein, nameless clandestine puppeteers using the British apologist’s corpse for their own personal marionette, a heroic journalist stymied at every turn, and corporate bigwigs challenged to choose all that is good and holy above insidious Mammon. It’s The Insider meets The X-Files, Erin Brockovich meets The Pelican Brief.”
    Did they give up? Or were they successful? Our family is excited to see the Chronicles of Narnia movie and I think I will be curious to see if there is, indeed, an effort to smudge up Lewis’ Christian message. Further, perhaps we need a fresh look at how we portray the message.
    ::UPDATE:: yep.BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Narnia Christian link played down
  • Two Talent Living | Blogs of Beauty Awards

    Two Talent Living has a blog competition going on. Vote for a blog in the category of your choice. It seems inspired by the idea of highlighting women’s blogs, expressed this way:”a better way of saying it is that there are so many other smaller blogs written by women that should be honored for the terrific work they do. So, I decided to do something about it!”

  • When I get some time to leisurely write, I plan to record my Thanksgiving holiday experience of 2005 in my other blog. Guilt is beginning to accumulate about the boxes that were scurrilously carried to the attic because I didn’t finish the organization marathon before company arrived. I said I would bring them down first thing Monday, and here it is Tuesday! So it’s “blog or be good, blog or be good”…and you can see which side is winning. I’m too tired, still, to stay up late at night to blog ( my usual habit)
  • Additionally, I occasionally watch TV now. Regression, I know. Anyway, I saw that show, “Trading Spouses” or something. Mixing Evangelical-type Christian and the Crusading Atheist. Did you see it? Interesting outcome. I thought of it because it showed one woman who spent too much time at the computer, etc. There is always such a pull for parents between time for what they are personally interested in and what the family needs and is interested in as a group. It was enlightening to look at it objectively and notice that ones perspective can get so skewed. We think we don’t get much time for ourselves when -at times- we are taking huge amounts of time. It just doesn’t feel that way to us. Just one more situation of how blind we can be to real balance, and how unsatisfying our own chosen activities can be. That is why we feel we don’t have enough, it doesn’t give satisfaction. So we shovel in more of what doesn’t satisfy. Make the madness stop! oh yeah… I have to do that for myself…
  • Ok. I am going to go work on a few graphics to change the look of this site for Christmas… and then try to make myself buckle down the everyday housewife and Mom stuff…