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Extreme Wisdom:
*Self-Discipline May Beat Smarts as Key to Success

*”Happy reading. Remember to vote no on all local Referenda. They don’t deserve another dime.”

*”I’ve decided to start calling those who blindly support Public Education members of a “religion” or a “cult.”

The level of support for public education is far greater than it should be, given its cost and its utter failure to educate kids. ”


The Sundries Shack

it looks like the insulting and highly inaccurate sobriquet of “American Taliban” has been slapped on the religious once more. This time, by John ColeThe Sundries Shack

*it looks like the insulting and highly inaccurate sobriquet of “American Taliban” has been slapped on the religious once more. This time, by John Cole.

*My main contention, though, is that Cole is doing exactly what he says he is not. He claims that he is not tarring every Christian with the “American Taliban” brush and I can’t argue with that. I never claimed that he was. The closest thing I came to that is saying that by his using that term, he insults “…millions of Americans who not only profess to be Christians, but who live their religions in a real way every single day…”. That, by the way, is not all Christians.

*Do you have any idea how far over the line you have to step in the MSM to get a protest letter signed by every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Tom Toles, of (where else?) the Washington Post does now.


Villainous Company:

*Every time a religous person makes a religious statement in protest of anything at all, Cole is there to do his best reverse Cotton Mather

*Sure they are, John. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to church services where the leaders then left, took their places in the government, and started crushing gay people under collapsed walls. Why, dozens of times I’ve personally witnessed church leaders, acting as the government of this nation, beating women in the streets for baring so much as an inch of their flesh or for doing something so presumptuous as speaking out loud without permission.

Happens all the time in our churches, especially those danged “fundamentalist” ones.

Sure, Cole’s allegation is ridiculous, but it’s emblematic of the hysteria with which a whole lot of people who have proven themselves smarter in many other areas prove themselves rock-stupid when it comes to religion.

Here’s a simple rule. When church leaders start directly running the government then begin beating women, killing gay people, and ripping down satellite dishes from our houses, then you get to use the word “Taliban”. Not one second before.

*the past few weeks have been interesting ones for freedom of expression. The stories in the news are, in a way, not nearly as interesting as the reactions of various groups to the questions they raise about the competing values of unfettered speech on the one hand, and the warm and fuzzy concepts of sensitivity, multiculturalism, and tolerance on the other.

*AmericaBlog tells us that the Pentagon is “trying to censor” a top political cartoonist:

The Joint Chiefs of Staff just sent a menacing letter to the Washington Post over a cartoon.

Here are the “menacing” words the Joint Chiefs used to “try to censor” the media:

We were extremely disappointed to see the Jan. 29 editorial cartoon by Tom Toles.

You all know what happens when military folks are “disappointed”, don’t you? They whip out their phone books and beat up people like Joel Stein.


La Shawn Barber’s Corner takes on…

“Intelligence: The Last Taboo”, but where is she going to take it?


Bookworm Room:

*I have absolutely no knack for being pithy (I know you’ve all noticed this already), but I’ll be the first to propose a slogan on taxes:

No one knows how to spend my money better than I do. No new taxes.