Say What Now? Don’t Cut Your Witness Short

Mark La Roi has an excellent article on his site, Say What Now?

We can make a good impression by being fair, and understanding that everybody has good and bad days. Nobody wants to hear from you about being a sinner and at the same time to be shown that they aren’t worth your money either. Every living person has had a life of their own that we know nothing about. If we expect to be invited into that life, we’ve gotta earn it.

You don’t have to break the bank, but leave a fair tip. At least leave the 20% if the service was fair. More if it was great, less if it was bad.

You can earn the right to heard, and then God may have the chance to do something wonderful through you!

This is a must read, because you can really apply the principle in so many things in life. I don’t know why Christians feel they can cut the corners on character.

You can know your theology backwards and forwards, but if you don’t treat people right….forgedda boutit.

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